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It provides a system description, operational procedures, and maintenance responsibilities. This pqs is applicable for use of the an\pvs 14 mnvd. It also provides specifications and data on the performance of the monocular. Operators manual for the pvs 14 monocular night vision device. Pvs 14 login to download, request hard copy, or add this manual to your unit library. The m914 night vision monocular is one of the most versatile night vision systems available today.

The elbit mil spec anpvs14 monocular night vision device f6015 is designed for the. Page 1 pvs 14 night vision monocular operation and maintenance manual important export restrictions. Night vision devices nvd has more than 30 combined years experience in the evaluation and repair of american made night vision systems. Mounting adapter, shippingstorage case, and operators manual. Lowlight and nighttime maneuvers appear more natural in black and white, with added contrast detail in shapes and shadows, providing the operator more visual information for assessment and acquisition. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. It uses a third generation image intensifier tube, and is primarily manufactured by litton industries now l3 warrior systems and elbit systems of america formerly harris night vision, formerly exelis, formerly itt it is often used hands free.

The highly versatile pvs 14 system can be used as a handheld or handsfree single eye goggle, or as a night vision weapon system when coupled to a daytime close quarters battle sight. To ensure the safety of the operator and the correct operation of the monocular it is recommended that this manual is read carefully in its entirety. Introduction the marine corps utilizes night vision devices on a daily. Operator manual pvs14 monocular night vision device nivisys, llc 400 s. Bnvd, binocular, night, vision, device, anpvs31, itt. The pvs 14 is the great choice for conducting combat operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low light conditions. The pvs14 is a precision electronoptical instrument, and requires careful handling. Our highly trained staff can repair and service the following systems. The chart below lists the technical specifications and data of the pvs 14a. After the gunner trains, he should use firing table i then firing table ii. Before operating this product, carefully read and study this operation and maintenance manual. Armasight pvs14 operation and maintenance manual pdf. This manual provides operation and maintenance instructions for the an pvs 7bd night vision goggle which shall be designated a goggle or pvs 7 throughout this manual. But if you want to get it to your smartphone, you can download much of ebooks now.

It can be used as a handheld pocket scope, a helmetmounted monocular, or a weapon sight when mounted in tandem with an infrared laser aimer or other night visioncompatible primary optic. The pvs 7 is a selfcontained night vision device that enables improved night vision using ambient light. Pvs 14 style digital night vision mount on the helmet for rifle. The munvm is a selfcontained night vision device that enables improved night vision using ambient light from the night sky moon, stars, skyglow, etc. The l3harris an pvs 31a bnvd is a compact, lightweight, gen iii dualtube goggle with improved white phosphor tube technology for greater target detection and recognition. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while. The purpose of this lesson is to discuss the design of the laser aiming device, mounting the laser aiming device, zeroing the laser aiming device, and weapons presentation while using the anpeq16. The atn pvs14 can be handheld, headhelmetmounted for hands free usage or adapted to camerascamcorders.

Commodities, products, technologies and services contained in this manual are subject to one or more of the export control laws and regulations of the u. If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the procedures in this manual, write or tell us about it. Free download started by windows central question, 01252015 02 pm write can get cyan update via ota with unlocked at t device but outside the us windows central forums objectoriented development becomes a mainstream development technique. Technical manual operators manual for night vision sight, individual served weapon an pvs 2 58550872947, anipvs2a 58551793708, and anipvs2b 58557603869 this reprint includes all changes in effect at the time of publication. Info free download books technical manual pvs 14 printable 2019 everybody knows. T e m957 weapon sight is based upon the military nomenclature an pvs 17c miniature night sight mns used by u. Commodities, products, tech nologies and services of this manual are controlled by the u. To avoid damage to the equipment or physical harm to the user when operating the pvs14. Technical publications located in the back of this manual directly to. Complete familiarization with this manual prior to using the equipment will ensure safe.

The chart below lists the technical specifications and data of the pvs14a. Operator manual pvs14 monocular night vision device. We do not currently have the title for this manual in our database. High power class 3b 14 274 1581 2474 3606 ir illum. Department of state office of defense trade controls, in accor dance with international traffic in arms itar, title 22, code of federal regulations part 120 andor by the export adminis tration. Atn pvs14 3p 1aa night vision monocular generation 3p. Safety assessment of wearing the anpvs14 monocular. The bnvd utilizes readily accessible milspec accessories and optics. This item is itar controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the united states without express written permission from the united states department of state. To protect the intensifier tube, do not remove the lens cap of the n14 when the monocular is being.

They prefer to invest their idle time to talk or hang out. Remote cable switch technical manual aa battery operators maintenance manual lens. The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view u. It includes a headmount assembly and other helmet mounting options are the same as for the an pvs 7d, an pvs 14, an pvs 7ac, an pvs 15 and an pvs 18. Elbit systems of america mil spec anpvs14 night vision monocular. Night vision monocular operation and maintenance manual. Tm 11585534410 mar 18, the operators manual for the night vision.

Army da administrative publications and forms by the army publishing directorate apd. Optional anvis mount are also available, however the bnvd is not approved for aviation use. Page 1 atn pvs 14 atn 6015 night vision multipurpose systems operators manual pvs 14 6015 revision 2 april 2011 o p e r a t o r s m a n u a l important export restrictions. This manual provides operation and maintenance instructions for the multiuse night vision monocular munvm atn pvs 14 and atn 6015 hereinafter referred to as the munvm. This monocular is now available with improved white phosphor tube technology for greater target detection and recognition. Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the u. Ipu aviation use gm6v1 and gm6v2 reporting errors and recomending improvements you can help improve this manual. All drivers were licensed for the assigned vehicle.

This manual provides operation and field level maintenance instructions for the pvs 14a. Technical manual monocular night vision device mnvd an pvs 14, tm 11585530610 kindle edition by military manuals and survival ebooks branch, delene kvasnicka of survivalebooks, u. Technical manual pvs 14 printable 2019 read ebook online at dailyalexa. Through our work maintaining anpvs14 and anpvs7bd night vision devices. This manual is intended for use by operators of the light weapon thermal sight lwts.

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